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DAY ONE begins with a morning classroom session where you will learn the fundamentals of high performance driving, the racing line and car control. After class you will be fitted with an SFI approved fire suit and helmet, and then it’s time to get on the track! You will be piloting a race prepared Ford Mustang GT with an instructor riding shotgun to help you apply the lessons from the classroom session. Your instructor will be there to guide and coach you through the application of this new found knowledge, and you will have the opportunity to push the car and yourself to their limits. There will be two on track sessions before lunch, and after each you will de-brief with your instructor and review everything you learned. During the mid-day break you will enjoy a gourmet lunch with your instructor cadre, and have an opportunity to learn from their experience as they answer any questions you may have. After lunch the afternoon classroom will cover a much deeper explanation of the mornings topics as well as an overview of vehicle dynamics and a Q and A session before we hit the track for two more sessions of fine tuning what you have learned. At the end of the day, you will de-brief with your personal instructor, and try to make sense of an overwhelming amount of information. By this time, you will be in need of a good night’s sleep!


DAY TWO begins with a short classroom session where we will discuss the art of trail braking and review the previous day’s material, then it’s back on the track to continue mastering the lessons learned to this point. During the mid-day break you will again enjoy a gourmet lunch and all the Q and A time with your instructors as needed. After lunch the classroom session will cover some advanced topics such as heel and toe downshifting, tire dynamics and weight transfer. The afternoon track sessions will then allow you to put to use all the knowledge you have acquired over the last two days. You will have the opportunity to practice passing at speed and race starts. At the completion of day two you will take home a flash drive containing HD in-car video of all on track sessions that will include audio and the data from the car including MPH, G-force etc. This data is an invaluable tool to further critique and ultimately improve your driving even further.


No prior experience necessary.  Must exhibit proficiency with a manual transmission.


**This program will satisfy your school requirement for an SCCA Provisional Permit plus count as one event toward your competition license.

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