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Our full day advanced road racing schools are offered in a single and two-day format. They are both designed for current racers or graduates of our 2 or 3-day road racing program or another accredited driving school. Our full day advanced road racing schools begin with an in-depth classroom session exploring advanced topics such as heel and toe downshifting, tire dynamics and weight transfer. You will learn about more advanced racing theory, qualifying and racing. Then you will be on the track with a dedicated instructor riding in the car providing constant feedback when required. After every session you and your instructor will download and review the video and data from the car, and compare each session to the last for improvements and fine tuning your techniques. After a gourmet lunch, the afternoon classroom will be tailored by the instructors to the individual needs of each small group. This way we can ensure each driver receives the coaching that their skill level requires. In our advanced schools, while all cars may be on the track at the same time, the only thing limiting your lap time will be your ability. Slower or faster students will never impede your progress on or off the track. Breakout sessions can be created at any time to accommodate different levels of student, guaranteeing that each person will realize their full potential while here.


Prior experience necessary.  Must exhibit proficiency with a manual transmission, be a current racer with a valid competition license, be a graduate of our 2 or 3-day road racing school or another accredited racing school.






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